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Celebrating 2020 Women's History Month.

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150 Years of Women at Berkeley 

150 Years of Women

2020 Marks the 150th Anniversary!

  • “Resolved, That young ladies be admitted into the University on equal terms in all respects with young men.” 
  • On October 3,1872, Berkeley leaders unanimously voted to admit women to the university.  Since then, hundreds of thousands women have graduated from UC Berkeley. We are celebrating all of the amazing contributions and achievements that women have provided to the Berkeley community!  



Women in Big Data

Radhika Rangarajan, Director of Solutions Engineering at VMware


150 Years of Women at Berkeley

2020 marks the 150th anniversary of the unanimous decision to admit women into the University on equal terms in all respects to men. 


A Haas Employee’s ExecEd Experience

A Conversation with Avni Kansara, Director of Student Experience, Haas School of Business

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Female Leadership Custom Programs

A Look Inside Our Custom Programs

Juliana Schroeder (Faculty)_retouched_561x481 px

The Future of Women in Business

Q&A with Professor Juliana Schroeder


Celebrating the Influence, Authenticity, and Success of Women in Leadership Roles

Q&A with Kellie McElhaney

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The Nature of Changemaking and the Importance of Advancing Shared Interests

Q&A with Professor Laura Kray


History Blog | Cora Jane Flood

Honoring the Generosity of Berkeley Haas’ First and Most Instrumental Female Benefactor


Julia Morgan and the Berkeley City Club

A History of the Berkeley City Club and Architect Julia Morgan


Changing Your Path and the Importance of Courage

Q&A with Professor Maura O'Neill


An Interview with Homa Bahrami 

Celebrating Women's History Month


From Zenith to Nadir, and Back Again: Finding a New Reality

Sharing A Participant's Story: Dawn Beermann

“"For every rung that she climbs, she must reach down and lift two women with her -- and be consciously inclusive. We tend to lift those who look the most like us. So I say be sure that for every woman you lift who looks like you, lift one who does not look like you." ”
– Kellie McElhaney, Distinguished Teaching Fellow, Haas School of Business

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