We offer a special group rate of 20% off to companies that send five participants or more to their program of choice.


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Groups that attend programs together have seen a greater impact for their organization by sharing the experience together. Whether attending a program with close team members or colleagues in your organization, the outcomes are immediate, immense, and sustainable.


Organizational vs. Individual Impact

Bringing a group helps scale the impact of the program from individual learning to organizational learning, via shared concepts, language, tools, and mindsets that can enable broader change and cultural shifts.

Intra-Organizational Networking

Groups enable intra-organizational networking for larger organizations where learning outcomes can cross silos.

Accelerated Implementation of Learnings

Group attendance can accelerate the implementation of program learnings through a network and community of leaders.

Options for Groups

Send to a Group of 5 or More to an Open Enrollment Program

Send a group of 5 or more participants to one of our existing open enrollment programs offered in Leadership & Communication, Strategy & Management, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, and Finance & Business Acumen.

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 Create a Custom Program for Your Organization

Want a bespoke program tailored to fit your company's objectives? With custom programs, we work closely with you to holistically design a program (online or in-person) with research-driven curriculum and proven company-wide results.

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How to Enroll a Group in A Program:

1. Download the Group Registration form 
2. Fill out the Group Registration form with the participant's contact information 
3. Email the completed form to executive@berkeley.edu

Enroll a Group Now

For the best onboarding experience for your team, we recommend you enroll your group no later than 2 weeks prior to the posted enrollment deadline for your program.

Is group attendance for you?

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